Important: please be sure to read the FAQs carefully before sending any questions to the congress email. The doubts put by e-mail will have as answer a recommendation to read the informative elements that come to be presented or they will be added to the following.

1. What are the modalities of proposals to the 3ICSES?

 Symposiums: communication proposals on research around a theme (indicate name), with indication of the coordinator. A symposium presupposes 4-5 communications, the coordinator being responsible for its organization.

Communications: proposals for communication on research at an advanced stage of development, to be orally presented and integrated in tables formed by the Organizing Committee.

Posters: communication proposals on research, to be presented visually. 

Other Proposals: Reporting pedagogical practice about engagment in school. The abstrat  should have between 20 to 100 words and the title.

2. What is the event official language?

The event’s official language is Portuguese. However, proposals for participation in English and Spanish are also accepted.

3. What does the registration include?

The registration includes: access to the congress, Wi-Fi connection, coffee breaks, the possibility of the communication being published in the Book of Minutes, in the E-book or in the Journal Psychology in Research (if the full version is accepted by the Scientific Committee), certificate of participation / communication.

Following the “Anti-Ecological Footprint Movement” (MAPEC), it was decided to prevent non-essential consumables, such as: (banner), a congress bag and paper production of brochures, and certificates. The free access through the IE WIFI to the IIICSES website allows, with multiple advantages, to know immediately the mentioned elements. The certificates will be sent later in pdf format, but with the name of all co-authors.

4. How can I pay the fee required?

The payment information is available on the event website. See “Registration” section.

5. How many authors must be registered for the work to be accepted?

At least one of the authors must be registered in the congress. Only the registered authors will be entitled to certification.

6. Am I definitely registered in the Congress?

Yes, if you have already: 1) filled in the register form; 2) payed the required fee; 3) sent the payment proof and have received a confirmation email.

7. Who can present the accepted communications?

Only registered authors (with payment made) can present the paper. When the registered person cannot be present (for unforeseen reasons), it may be another person making the presentation; in this case, the presentation certificate shall state that the communication was presented, with the title and name of all co-authors.

8. Is there a limit of papers to be presented?

Yes, each registered author can only make two presentations (one poster mandatory), however, can be mentioned in other works as co-author.

9. How many and What kind of proposals can be made in symposia?

May be proposed four to five works, framed on a common theme wether products or projects.

10. Does the participation in the congress confer certificate?

Yes, all registered – and present at the congress – participants will be entitled a participation/communication certificate.

11. What is the amount to pay for registration when the author is a student?

The amount to be paid at the time of registration is the same for any type of author or congressman, whether professional or student. The price varies only according to the date of registration: from April 8 to May 15 | Cost: € 230; from May 16 to 31 | Cost: 280€

12. I would like to assist to the Congress, however, I do not intend to make any presentation. Is it possible?

Yes, you may register only as a participant by filling in the registration form, available at the Congress’s website, and paying the corresponding fee.

13. Do members of Congressional Committees (Organizing, Scientific, and Collaborating) pay?

No, but only when they have done significant concrete work in carrying out Congress activities.

14. Do members of the Research and Development Unit in Education and Training (UIDEF) or members of the Institute of Education (IE) pay registration fees?

No. The registration must be submitted to the Organizing Committee by the e-mail of the congress, within the defined period, and each author may submit a maximum of two papers, one of which must be in poster format and may be mentioned in other works as a co-author.

15. Can the inscription be exceptionally paid upon the arrival at the congress? In this case, what would be the value?

Yes. But the following will occur: (1) the amount payable will be 350€; and (2) the Abstract and the day of presentation of the Communication will only be included in the congress Program after the confirmed payment.

16. It is possible issued the receipt in the name of an entity?

Yes, In case the receipt is issued in the name of an entity (for example, University, Research Center) or person other than the one that made the payment, it must be indicated in the data of issuance of the receipt Other and fill in all the elements indicated.

17. It is possible to present a communication in the congress and submitted it for publication where the author understands?

Yes, the communication could be submitted for publication where the author understands.

18. Is there a possibility of accommodation at the university during the Congress?

No. However, there are hotels near of congress with discounts.

19. How to propose a symposium?

In the symposium proposal, the organizer should put in a single file all the Abstracts of the communications and a brief Abstract about the symposium as a whole, which should give a title, as well as its e-mail. To do this, you can use the Abstract Template and include the set, the total number of Symposium (4-5).

The presentation of the symposium can only occur after the inscription of the proponents of the communications included therein, according to norms of the congress.

20. Is it necessary for all authors to be present at a symposium?

No. At least one person must be present for each of the symposium’s communications, in addition to the symposium’s coordinator.

21. Does the certificate contain only the name of the person who is registered or do all co-authors appear in the certificate?

Only the registered author submitting the communication has a certificate presentation of communication; however, this certificate will contain the name of all co-authors of the presented communication.