1. How can I participate in CIEAE2013?

The forms of participation in the congress are: Communication, Poster and Symposium.

2. What is the event official language?

The event’s official languages are Portuguese, English and Spanish.

3. What does the registration include?

The registration includes: access to the congress, folder and material for the congress, Wii connection, abstract book, coffee breaks, the possibility to include the communication in the E-book (depending on Scientific Commitee appreciation), communication/participation certificate.

4. How can I pay the fee required?

The payment information is available on the event website. See “Registration” section.

5. How many authors must be registered for the work to be accepted?

At least one of the authors must be registered in the congress. Only the registered authors will be entitled to certification.

6. Am I definitely registered in the Congress?

Yes, if you have already: 1) filled in the register form; 2) payed the required fee; 3) sent the payment proof and have received a confirmation email.

7. What is the congress refund policy?

Dropouts must be notified by e-mail, applying the following refund policy: cancellation until june 15: 50% refund; cancellation after june 15: no refund.

8. Who can present the accepted communications?

Only registered authors can make the presentation of the work.

9. Is there a limit of papers to be presented?

Yes, each registered author can only make two presentations (either communications, posters, or symposia), however, can be mentioned in other works as co-author.

10. How many and What kind of proposals can be made in symposia?

May be proposed three to four works, framed on a common theme wether products or projects..

11. What papers will be included in the E-book: Students’ Engagement in School: perspectives of Psychology and education”?

All papers accepted by the scientific committee in its final version will be included, as long as at least one of the authors has registered in the congress, has regularized fee, the paper meets the format and guidelines indicated, and the deadlines have been respected.

12. Does the participation in the congress confer certificate?

Yes, all registered – and present at the congress - participants will be entitled a participation/communication certificate.

13. I am an author and student. How much do I have to payfor registration?

The fee is the one established for students, however, it is required the attachment of the proof of that status, in the registration form.

14. I would like to assist  to the Congress, however, I do not intend to make any presentation. Is it possible?

Yes, you may register only as a participant by filling in the registration form, available at the Congress’s website, and paying the corresponding fee.